Stefan McGarry – Senior Communications Manager at Ubisoft

I’ve worked with Tom for a number of years through his time at Fandom, Stuff and Indigo Pearl. He’s always been a total pleasure to work with; never afraid of hard-hitting stories but always professional and easy going. One of the industry’s good guys – he’s the kind of person who, after a long day at a trade show (remember those?!), you’d welcome as your last appointment.

Daniela Pietrosanu -Senior PR Executive at Square Enix Europe

It’s always a pleasure working with Tom, he is one of the most professional, courteous and hardworking journalists I have collaborated with. Coupled with great storytelling instincts and amazing editing skills, his ability to create engaging content for a variety of mediums is unparalleled.

Robbie Paterson – Marketing Manager at Devolver

I’ve worked with Tom across all of his games industry roles, and he continues to be a valued contact both personally and professionally. From our time as PR colleagues to his freelance work, Tom has always stood out as reliable, thoughtful and most importantly respectful of his position and those working around him. As an Editor he has always been willing to work closely with myself and other PR contacts to ensure both his and his writers’ work was informed and detail oriented, whilst also reflecting his unique perspective on both video games and the industry at large. Plus he’s quite funny

Caroline Miller – Owner of Indigo Pearl and PXN

We had the pleasure of working with Tom at Indigo Pearl and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He was an impressive expert in his field and a talented writer. We found him to be a diligent and responsible team member who supported his colleagues and brought a really pleasant manner into his day to day work. We missed him a LOT when he left, as did his clients. Tom is one of the good guys and will be a benefit to any company that he joins.

Chris Tilly – Managing Editor at Fandom/ Ex IGN Entertainment Editor

Tom is a fantastic games editor. While we worked together he did a spectacular job of bringing the games site to life. Tom built and maintained strong PR contacts in the industry, resulting in great access, which he turned into compelling content that also got lots of clicks. While he also planned and executed extensive convention coverage – both at home and abroad – which helped establish Fandom as a legitimate and competitive games brand.

Ben Le Rougetel – Senior PR Manager at The Pokemon Company International

In Tom’s time at Indigo Pearl he brought with him a great knowledge of what stories and angles would interest and excite media – an essential asset for successful PR campaigns. Alongside a flair for drafting creative copy, he showed a willingness to embrace new skills and his affable nature made him a great person to work alongside.